Adult Boot Camp

Adult Boot Camp

'Obnoxious to Mannerly' Adult Boot Camp

This adult dog training program is two weeks. It is designed to eliminate obnoxious behaviors in adult dogs and to teach manners so living with your dog will be more pleasurable.

These are the eight bullets points your dog will learn with this program:

  1. Wait at doorways
  2. Loose leash walking
  3. No jumping on people, counters, furniture, etc.
  4. Keep your teeth off me and my belongings
  5. Sit
  6. Down
  7. Stay
  8. Come when called

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Years ago I use to offer free evaluations for a private rescue. They adopted out a lot of dogs weekly. And they adopted out a lot of siblings when they had a litter that was up for adoption.


Jonathan Fisher

Chief was a rescue with an abusive and neglectful past that I took in a few months ago. After a 4 week honeymoon phase he regressed drastically and became unruly and somewhat aggressive. With a dog like him (high energy and mentally abused) not many people are going to take him. So when my back was against the wall it was either try and give him away or get him trained.