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Dog & Puppy Training

Puppy Boot Camp

This is a two week training course designed for puppies between 10-18 weeks old. The curriculum in this camp will be to address all of the normal puppy problems people run into. This will give our new puppy owners a quick jump start on puppy training.

Adult Boot Camp

This adult dog training program is two weeks. It is designed to eliminate obnoxious behaviors in adult dogs and to teach manners so living with your dog will be more pleasurable.

Intermediate Adult Boot Camp

This camp is 3 weeks long. It is designed for the owner who wants a bit more than just basic manners and obedience.

Advanced Adult Boot Camp

If your dog has completed "The Race Is On" this camp can be achieved in one week. However. If your dog has no training, this is a four week advanced dog training boot camp.

Aggressive Dogs

Aggressive dog training camp is at least 4 weeks or longer. We will decide during the initial 4 weeks if we feel the dog will benefit by a longer stay. The determination on the length of the dogs stay is case by case. Our location serves all of greater Philadelphia, PA

Private Lessons

In home private lessons is where our trainer comes to your home and gives you and your dog one on one lessons. On sight is where you come to us. We generally recommend a package of 6 lessons to start basic obedience. Then more can be added on as needed.





We often get phone calls from potential clients telling us that their dog hates people in uniforms.


Jonathan Fisher

Chief was a rescue with an abusive and neglectful past that I took in a few months ago. After a 4 week honeymoon phase he regressed drastically and became unruly and somewhat aggressive. With a dog like him (high energy and mentally abused) not many people are going to take him. So when my back was against the wall it was either try and give him away or get him trained.