Before you select a professional dog trainer, it is important to do your research and ask the right questions. Below are a few frequently asked questions to help you get started. Call Shawn Reed today at (610) 999-5853 for a free phone consultation to learn more about our experience with dog training and boarding programs.

I am really busy with work. I don't have time to train my dog. Is the board and train option best for me?

Yes, the board and train packages are for people who don't have the time to train their dog. Or their dog's behavior has gotten so bad that they can't get it under control themselves.

At Mannerly Canine we are a small operation run out of our home with a limited number of dogs monthly that are accepted into our program. Because of MC's design, your dog gets trained in a home environment.

If I decide to send my dog for board and train what will my dogs day look like?

Here at MC our day starts very early and ends very late. Your dog will get multiple training sessions in our home and outside on our property daily. Once your dog shows proficiency in his or her training we will then take the dog on field trips(shopping centers, parks, in stores, etc). To create balance, a training program can't be all work and no play. It's important to us to bond with our client's dogs. Your dog will get constructive play time with us or other dogs. This is an integral part of our training program. We strive to ensure that the dogs are happy and love working with us.

How will you train our dog? I took my dog to a reward only trainer and my dog didn't want to work for food. Or I took my food motivated dog and the trainer wanted to use leash and collar training.

That's a great question!! Your dog will tell us how to train him. Here at Mannerly Canine we train dogs in the marker system. We are a reward based training company (we use food, toys, praise. Whatever YOUR dog finds rewarding is what we use). However, to get a well trained dog, he or she will have to be held accountable for bad decisions after we have properly taught your dog the right decisions to make.

At MC we believe in a balanced approach to our training philosophy. We teach with rewards first, then when we're 100% sure the dog understands what we're asking we thoughtfully layer in leash training. We do this because dogs just like humans need to be taught gently what the expectations are. Then when they understand, we have to teach them there are consequences for bad behavior. You can't reward away bad behavior. This is the flaw of reward only training.

What is 'Marker' Training?

Marker training consists of a series of words that are taught to your dog. Dogs see in pictures. Essentially, marker training allows us to capture the picture of good and bad behaviors to communicate to the dog what they're doing right and wrong instantly. Below is an example of the words we use in marker training.

  1. Yes:this tells the dog he was correct. It also terminates the behavior and the dog can now access his reward.
  2. Ok:is our informal release cue to our dogs. It means the dog can stop doing what he is doing. We don't reward with this marker
  3. Good:This is our duration marker. It tells the dog they're correct but they're not done yet, keep doing what you're doing. We use this in the stays a lot. We always return to the dog and reward.
  4. Ah ah:we use this in the learning stages to show the dog they're wrong. We withhold the reward and ask them to try again.
  5. No:No marks bad behavior. And communicates a correction is coming. This marker is used for bad behavior and non compliance to learned and known behaviors.

Most people use similar markers on a daily basis inconsistently. And most of the time they have no meaning to the dog. We teach your dog what each marker means. Lack of effective communication is a big problem with most of our clients and their dogs. We don't speak dog and they don't speak English. This is why the marker system is so effective.

Between my job and life commitments it will be difficult to bring my dog to you. Do you provide transportation for my dog?

Yes, we will transport dogs from your home to ours for an additional fee. We also provide transportation back to your home after the board and train is completed.

When my dog comes home will he listen to me as good as he does for your trainers?

There is a transition period when the dog is dropped off. We give an extensive go home lesson. Generally, it takes one session to couple of you training the dog to see the proficiency that has been seen with our trainers. But it does happen quickly.

When my dog comes home from board and train do I have to do training or is the dog like a robot now?

When your dog comes home you have to maintain the training or it will go away. Think of the training like your car. If you don't put gas in it the car will stop running. If you don't change the oil the engine may get ruined.

We essentially are building your car for you. However, if you don't maintain it, it will breakdown overtime. Dogs are not robots. You will have to run the dog through the paces to maintain the training. If you do nothing with the dog when he comes home the training will go away.

What do we need to send with our dog for board and train?

You will need to provide proof of current vaccination records along with enough food for the dogs stay.

I don't know if I can bare to be separated from my dog that long?

Here is how we look at it. If your dog is so out of control or suffers from aggression issues, in the grand scheme of things, what is several weeks compared to how long your dog could live? It's a tiny time frame compared to your dogs whole life. Also, when your dog comes back well behaved, he'll be a pleasure to live with for the rest of his life. Several weeks will be a good thing!

My dog is aggressive. We've been kicked out of classes and other trainers won't work with us. Can you help?

YES!!! We've trained aggressive dogs that went through other trainers before without much success. Aggressive dogs are our specialty.





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