Intermediate Adult Boot Camp

Intermediate Adult Boot Camp

"The Race Is On"

This camp is 3 weeks long. It is designed for the owner who wants a bit more than just basic manners and obedience.

The distractions will be challenging. However, your dog will learn to listen under them.

Here are 6 major bullet points that we will cover in this intermediate adult dog training program:

  1. Heeling: Walk next to you and sit automatically when you stop with Distractions.
  2. Sit/Stay: With distractions
  3. Down/Stay: With distractions
  4. Come When Called: With distractions
  5. Place Command: Go to bed and stay with distractions (people knocking on door or ringing doorbell, people entering your home, etc.)
  6. Leave It: It's not yours, so keep your mouth off of it.

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Years ago I use to offer free evaluations for a private rescue. They adopted out a lot of dogs weekly. And they adopted out a lot of siblings when they had a litter that was up for adoption.


Damian Riccitelli

We reached out to Shawn because we had a myriad of problems with acclimating a rescue dog into our home. Everything from simply getting her to defecate, letting us know (and where we wanted her to), to extremely uncontrolled hyper activity. Shawn solved all of these problems and more. It's fascinating to watch someone with such a skillset apply their knowledge and experience to your dog.