Puppy Boot Camp

Puppy Boot Camp

"Start Line"

This is a two week training course designed for puppies between 10-18 weeks old. The curriculum in this camp will be to address all of the normal puppy problems people run into. This will give our new puppy owners a quick jump start on puppy training.

These are seven bullet points we will address with this puppy training program:

  1. Crate Training: Your puppy will learn to go into the crate, be calm and quiet while in it. Also, they will learn not to rush out just because the door opens. They will learn to be invited out.
  2. House Breaking: We teach the puppy to eliminate outside, not in your home.
  3. Puppy Biting: Here we will teach your puppy what things are acceptable to bite and which things are not.
  4. Jumping on People: Your puppy will learn it's more rewarding to keep their paws on the ground, not on you.
  5. Self/Impulse Control: The 'wait' command will be taught for eating and doorways.
  6. Recall: Your puppy will learn to come to you everytime!
  7. Socializing: Meeting new people and dogs. Also being exposed to different and new environments.

Looking for a more advanced puppy training program? Try our 'Advanced Start Line' three week boot camp.

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Mannerly Canine uses a system called marker training.


Jonathan Fisher

Chief was a rescue with an abusive and neglectful past that I took in a few months ago. After a 4 week honeymoon phase he regressed drastically and became unruly and somewhat aggressive. With a dog like him (high energy and mentally abused) not many people are going to take him. So when my back was against the wall it was either try and give him away or get him trained.