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Searching for a Competent Dog Trainer Philadelphia and surrounding areas can be difficult. At Mannerly Canine we have a passion for helping people develop a great relationship with their young puppy or adult dog. Our professional dog trainer works with owners and their dog with basic obedience, advanced obedience, competition training and to resolve difficult behavior problems and to develop a clear understanding of what they need from each other. Our locations are ideal for both dog training and boarding for Philadelphia, PA and surrounding suburbs!

United States Mondio Ring Association Champion

Mondio Ring is a protection sport utilizing working breeds that police use as K9’s. The sport is comprised of obedience, agility and protection phase. It is known as one of the most demanding sports in the world.

Shawn’s passion for dog training goes beyond helping people with their dogs. Most of all, he was the 2016 National Champion for the United States Mondio Ring Association – at the MR3 (mastery/highest level)! In October 2016, he placed 5th in the world representing the U.S. World Team, in Battice, Belgium at the FCI Mondio Ring World Championship!

In 2015 Shawn and Mannerly Canine were on the United States Mondio Ring Association World Championship Team, placing 17th in the world!

Some of Our Services

Puppy Boot Camp

“Start Line” This is a two week training course designed for puppies between 10-18 weeks old. The curriculum in this camp will be to address all of the normal puppy problems people run into. This will give our new puppy...

Adult Boot Camp

“Obnoxious to Mannerly” Adult Boot Camp This adult dog training program is two weeks. It is designed to eliminate obnoxious behaviors in adult dogs and to teach manners so living with your dog will be more pleasurable. These are the...

Intermediate Adult Boot Camp

“The Race Is On” This camp is 3 weeks long. It is designed for the owner who wants a bit more than just basic manners and obedience. The distractions will be challenging. However, your dog will learn to listen under...

Advanced Adult Boot Camp

“Finish Line” Off Leash Boot Camp If your dog has completed “The Race Is On” this camp can be achieved in one week. However. If your dog has no training, this is a four week advanced dog training boot camp....

Aggressive Dogs

“New Beginnings” Aggression Behavior Modification Camp This aggressive dog training camp is at least 4 weeks or longer. We will decide during the initial 4 weeks if we feel the dog will benefit by a longer stay. The determination on...

Private Lessons

One on one In home private lessons or one on one on sight training at out facility. In home private lessons is where our trainer comes to your home and gives you and your dog one on one lessons. On...

Off Leash Puppy Training

Here is a training session with Rocky doing off leash work. Mannerly Canine started training Rocky at 12 weeks old. He first came to us for a puppy boot camp. Then we continued with private lessons. When he was 8 months old his family sent him for a week board and train for off leash work! What a great dog! Very Smart