Dog Trainer Philadelphia PA

Intermediate Adult Boot Camp

“The Race Is On”

This camp is 3 weeks long. It is designed for the owner who wants a bit more than just basic manners and obedience.

The distractions will be challenging. However, your dog will learn to listen under them.

Here are 6 major bullet points that we will cover in this intermediate adult dog training program:

  1. Heeling:Walk next to you and sit automatically when you stop with Distractions.
  2. Sit/Stay:With distractions
  3. Down/Stay:With distractions
  4. Come When Called:With distractions
  5. Place Command:Go to bed and stay with distractions (people knocking on door or ringing doorbell, people entering your home, etc.)
  6. Leave It:It’s not yours, so keep your mouth off of it.

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