Dog Trainer Philadelphia PA

Why We Offer A Guarantee

Most dog trainers don’t offer guarantees like we do. We’re very confident in our methods and approach that we guarantee you will receive the outcome you desire.

Most of our clients have already gone through other training programs with their dog still not listening reliably.

Here are reasons as to why we feel so confident in offering a guarantee:

Reason #1 – Coaching Owners Too

Training the dog for most dog trainers is the easy part. Coaching the client how to train or handle the dog is the hardest part.

We have coaching experience. This enables us to break down every scenario and handling technique so every owner can be successful with their dog.

Reason #2 – Years of Experience

We have a decade of experience training dogs and coaching people. Hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes have been trained by us.

There aren’t many situations we haven’t seen or dealt with.

Reason #3 – Train All Kinds of Dogs

We train dogs that many trainers kick out of classes for aggression or reactiveness with success.

We have kept alive many dogs that owners almost gave up on and were ready to euthanize.

Reason #4 – Not Married to One Method

We aren’t married to one method/ideology.

We use treats in training to teach new commands. However, we also realize that treats probably won’t work for every dog when something is present that is more motivating to the dog.

Something more motivating would be a cat, deer, squirrel or rabbit running away from your dog. Or if the presence of other dogs or people excites your dog.

We cater to how the dog needs to be trained, not the dog catering to how we train dogs. Many other dog training approaches are cookie cutter. Our methods strive for adaptation to the dog in front of us.

Reason #5 – Full Time Trainers

We’re full-time dog trainers. This isn’t a hobby or side gig for us. This is our lives, all day, everyday!

From sun up to after the sun is down we’re surrounded by dogs.

Reason #6 – Training Can Be Fun

We’re social butterflies. We enjoy providing a training experience fun for the owner and dog.

We have dogs to enrich our lives, right? We should enjoy every moment interacting with our dog.

Reason #7 – Learn New Tricks

An old dog can learn a new trick, regardless of size, age, or breed.

Our methods work on every dog.

When you go through training with Mannerly Canine, you become part of our family. We’ll always be here to support you!