Dog Trainer Philadelphia PA

Owner Testimonial To Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation

Riley was a dog who didn't know how to act. There wasn't a clear communication system. She pretty much didn't know how to make the right decisions. We're so happy that we could be a part of Riley's transformation. She is such a special dog. She just needed the right guidance.

Off Leash Puppy Training

Here is a training session with Rocky doing off leash work. Mannerly Canine started training Rocky at 12 weeks old. He first came to us for a puppy boot camp. Then we continued with private lessons. When he was 8 months old his family sent him for a week board and train for off leash work! What a great dog!

Bed Command For Everyday Living

Here is my dog Repo begging for tonight's dinner. All of our dogs and client's dogs learn a "bed" command. This command is so useful. It can be used when you're eating dinner, watching tv, guests are coming through the door and more.

Off Leash Dog Obedience (Standard Poodle)

Lilly (Standard Poodle) is here at Mannerly Canine for our "Finish Line" Off Leash Boot Camp!! She's doing so wonderful!

Carley Fear Aggression Board and Train

Carley(Rescue Pit Mix) is here from Florida for our month long New Beginnings, Behavioral Modification Camp. Carley came to us very skittish and nervous. The past couple of weeks we've been working on building her confidence and it's showing. She's a lot better than she previously was and will continue to improve.

Murphy Black Labrador

Here is Murphy, a black Labrador that is doing off leash work.